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Update on Legal Compliance Issues for CAHs

This session will provide an overview of and update on important legal and compliance issues facing rural providers in the CAH, RHC, and related provider settings. Topics covered will include CAH Medicare regulatory and payment developments and strategies, provider-based hot topics, RHC requirements, and other relevant legal considerations.

Navigating Procurement: The Purpose Driven Deal

Co-Presenter: Gregg Wallander

Navigating Procurement: The Purpose Driven Deal

Co-Presenter: Jen Viegas

Reading the Tea Leaves: Understanding Compliance Trends for Physician/Hospital Relationships in Light of Recent Settlements, DOJ Guidance and Stark Law Changes

Historic hospital settlements, the “Yates” memo from the Department of Justice and changes to the Stark Law, all from the Fall of 2015, have providers trying to understand the ever-changing compliance landscape, specifically as it relates to physician/hospital arrangements. This presentation will take a closer look at these actions, interrelated trends that have emerged and evolving best practices for physician/hospital  arrangements.

Keeping Up with the Times: How to Leverage Twitter and Other Social Media Tools as a Health Care Lawyer

Co-Presenters: Ammon R. Fillmore and Ashley L. Thomas

In an era of growing use of social media, health care attorneys should be aware of the many benefits social media may add to their practices. The panelists on this roundtable discussion will introduce to common social media tools health care attorneys may consider utilizing, whether to receive breaking news in their practice area(s) or to market their own practice. The panelists will also discuss practical tips to consider and common pitfalls to avoid while using social media, their own success stories and how it has benefitted their practices.

Reasonable Accommodation in an Unreasonable Legal Environment

Does your company still have a no-Fault Attendance policy?  Does your company’s leave of absence policy result in termination if an employee has exhausted available leave and remains unable to return to work?  Most employers are surprised to learn the risks posed by these common employment practices.  The significant changes in disability law are forcing employers to reevaluate existing policies and practices – especially those concerning attendance and leaves of absence.  Learn how to use the interactive process as a tool to your company’s advantage without jeopardizing your business.

Health Care Arrangements in a Value-Based World

Rising health care costs and increased costs for coverage are affecting people nationwide. What can you do to help? Knowing the best practices for dealing with health care fraud and abuse – both of which contribute to the rising costs – are one place to start.

This presentation will provide practical fraud and abuse guidance for navigating the evolving health care landscape. Recent Stark Law updates and enforcement actions will be evaluated alongside the increased focus on quality improvement and value-based reimbursement.

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