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Details on MedPAC Report on SNFs

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission’s (“MedPAC”) recent Report to Congress included a chapter dedicated to skilled nursing facilities (“SNFs”), which MedPAC reports received $31 billion in Medicare reimbursement in 2011.  Recently, SNFs have been under pressure from repeated reimbursement cuts; however, MedPAC’s analysis states that SNF reimbursement is adequate.   Continue Reading →

CMS Distributes Free “Hand in Hand” Toolkit to Nursing Facilities

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will soon be distributing a free toolkit to nursing facilities, CMS Regional Offices, and State Survey Agencies. Hand in Hand is a high quality training series for nursing homes that emphasizes person-centered care for persons with dementia, as well as the prevention of abuse. Section 6121 of the Affordable Care Act requires CMS to ensure that nurse aides receive regular training on caring for residents with dementia and on preventing abuse. Hand in Hand addresses the annual requirement for nurse aide training on these important topics.

More information is available on the Hand in Hand website.

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OIG Publishes 2013 Work Plan

The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has published their annual Work Plan for 2013. The Work Plan continues to identify compliance risk areas that subject Medicare and Medicaid providers to audit and enforcement initiatives. The Work Plan specifically targets skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), hospices, and home health agencies (HHAs). For all types of providers, the main goal of this Work Plan is to focus on measuring and quantifying the cost and quality of care. A brief overview of the OIG’s target areas for each provider type is listed below.  Continue Reading →

CMS Announces Antipsychotic Initiative

On the heels of last week’s failure for the antipsychotic measures to pass the Senate, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has just announced an initiative to reduce antipsychotic use in nursing facilities.  Yesterday, CMS officials announced a multi-year initiative to improve dementia care for residents of nursing homes by reducing the inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs. Continue Reading →

CMS Interpretive Guideline Changes on Use of Feeding Tubes

Yesterday, CMS sent a new transmittal to the state survey agencies on the use of feeding tubes in nursing homes.

In short, F321 has been combined into F322 and according the CMS the changes were made to provide nursing home surveyors with guidance to determine compliance with use of feeding tubes by nursing homes.  The revision is effective on November 30, 2011.

We will be providing a more detailed analysis of the changes in the next couple of days.  For now, here is the link to transmittal:


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CMS Revises Nurse Aide Training Requirements

CMS recently published a Survey & Certification Memorandum (S&C:11-35-NH) detailing progress in the implementation of Section 6121 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Section 6121 of the ACA mandates enhanced nurse aide training in nursing homes.  The enhanced training focuses on two areas: 1) how to care for residents with dementia, and 2) how to prevent resident abuse.  CMS states the interpretative guidelines for tag F497 have been revised to include the inclusion of the two focus areas for nurse aide training.    Continue Reading →

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